Estate Planning

Too often we read of disputed wills, estates tied up in the courts for years, and inheritances spent on legal fees, rather than put to the purpose hoped for by the departed. Invariably the problems arise due to unclear instructions around key issues such as succession within a business, division of assets, or liquidation of property. In the worst cases, family members can become permanently estranged from one another; the courts end up deciding who gets what, and the wealth that could have been passed down is lost forever. This is not an outcome anyone wants to experience. With planning and good advice, these pitfalls can be avoided.

We know why our clients are working hard and creating wealth. It’s not just to enjoy a good life in the present, even though that is a great reason to build a business or investment portfolio. Again and again, our clients let us know that the financial security of their loved ones is also a key goal. Our estate planning expertise helps Vancouver small business owners prepare for the inevitable fact of their passing – with solid advice, sensible preparations, and strong accounting and bookkeeping systems. This ensures the handling of their estate is as clear and straightforward as possible. We can help you with:

  • Advising on tax implications of asset transfers to family members
  • Business succession planning
  • Deceased taxpayer tax filings
  • Estate planning
  • Implementation and ongoing monitoring of estate plans
  • Income splitting through the use of corporations and trusts
  • Ongoing estate tax filings
  • Post mortem tax and estate planning
  • Review of family assets and liabilities
  • Trust and estate taxation
  • Wind-up of estates and obtaining final clearance