About Us

We are Murji, Yim & Associates – a Burnaby-based accountant offering business owners, real estate investors, and well-informed individuals the tax, estate planning and small business bookkeeping and accounting services they need to preserve and build their wealth.

Our client base has a strong emphasis on small businesses, owner-operated enterprises, and real estate investors. We also provide accounting and bookkeeping services to professionals in the medical/dental, legal, and information technology sectors.

In addition to our accounting and bookkeeping expertise, Murji, Yim & Associates’ hands-on experience with real estate investment includes our portfolio of multi-family buildings developed with joint venture partners. An outgrowth of our experience in the single-family home market, this real-world experience is your proof that we have the knowledge and experience to offer valuable, effective guidance in evaluating and choosing real estate investment opportunities.

Importantly, we promote a long-term approach to investing and believe the most effective wealth management strategies create lasting prosperity for our clients. If you are seeking sensible accounting advice, accurate, timely bookkeeping, and forward-thinking strategies that deliver solid results, contact us to learn how our customized accounting and bookkeeping systems give you the information and tools to realize your investment goals.